Caveman's Tale - Jumping game
Help the caveman avoid extinction!

CAVEMAN'S TALE - Jumping adventure game

Dare to travel 40,000 years ago, and help the caveman of his extinction in this challenging adventure in three different worlds. 

Get ready for a difficult challenge in the prehistoric world.

Test your skills as you open up by jumping, until reach the top where the cavewoman is frozen and needs your help. Simple easy one-finger game that will keep you entertained for hours!

This is a very colorful game with amazing graphics, which is worked out at the highest level. Every detail has its tiniest features. Every world is thought out in detail and will surely surprise you with its variety and fun.

Beautiful colors, the atmosphere of prehistoric man’s life, fascinating passing, and having the goal. All these are the components of a successful game, that Caveman’s Tale has.

Are you able to reach the top?

· Play up to 12 full levels!

· Enjoy 3 different worlds with elaborated   scenarios!

· Custom art and unique design!

· Good phisics mechanics

· Get the 36 stars hidden in the 12 levels

· Free to play, with voluntary advertising.

· Accept the challenge of reaching the top!

· Calculate well your jumps or fall into the void

Save the cavewoman!
Could the caveman reach the top and save the cavewoman?.
The extinction is approaching to the caveman's era, only one caveman cans change the destiny.
Created by Twisted Fingers Games
Carlos Muñoz: Artist/illustration.
Jaime Falomir: Game designer/animator.
Julia Rosich: UX/UI designer.
Fernando Iguago: Lead developer engineer.
Luis Mascareño: Second developer engineer.
Luiz Arthur: Developer engineer.
Kike Mestre: Sound designer.

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