The future of mobile devices games

Pokémon GO brings us a message that the games industry is already open to new TOP Games, and that innovation can succeed in multiple areas. Pokémon GO as validating the enthusiasm for augmented reality (AR), and by extension, virtual reality (VR). Others see location-based gaming as a new topic that has many possibilities, but in finding new sources of revenue like getting businesses to pay for in-game items that can draw customers. Others see the power of an iconic brand that has been building enthusiasm for twenty years, and that makes them want to double down efforts to license other top brands.

Pokemon Go give us the message that there are new markets in the mobile games industry , and innovation is very important, as Clive Downie, chief marketing officer for Unity, said, “Content is and always has been king. That’s where the creators of tomorrow come in. The opportunity is here, it’s real, and it’s waiting for people like you to dream and to invent something we haven’t thought about. Eventually, everyone will be in this place. My advice is to get there first, because it’s going to be worth it.”

Others games as “Tomb of the Mask”  is running in other way, it is another retro-styled arcade game, that reminds the Classic Pacman. Easy simple casual game but very funny and addictive, that is one of the most important things that one device game should have. An other example of not innovation game but funny is “Lost in Harmony” ,  that reminds to other classic game as “Sudway surfers” or “temple run“, but with a Manga atmosphere and having bizarre things of thoroughly engaging hybrid of auto-runner and rhythm-action.