Mars Mutants Game – Upload

check the new gifs from the cooest aliens game in Android and IOS

As we already  informed in other occasions, we are working very hard in our very new Android & IOS Game: it is,  of course, our masterpiece “Mars Mutants”, a super cool multiplayer platform aliens game, developed with UNITY, that will be very soon availale in the market (we promise it :P).

As long as it has been one of our most detaild and time consuming projects so far, where there are more than 10 different artists involved, we want to be 100% happy with every single little detail before launcing it. However, we are expecting to launch the game in the following months  and we can guarantee that the wait will be worth, as it will be revolutionary and full of surprises…you will simply love plyaing  it!

Until the official launch date arrives,   we are proud to show you some  animated gifs for you to check how advanced the creation process already is. Here, you can see different moves and powerups from the main characters in the original urban scenario…

What do you think? F*cking cool isnt it?

If you like what yu see  and want to be updated and know more from the game