Advergaming is cool

why advergaming industry is booming?


Advergaming is a great idea for your business. In the last years, it became “cool” that companies had their own promotional video game to advertise their brand and interact with their customers in an original way. In fact, if you have a company, what you should look now more than ever, is that your customers have fun as they relate to your brand.

The advergaming industry is booming, and the signs are clear. More and more, new companies that develop advergames, new professions, new market segments that reach new advertising and marketing courses in video games, new blogs devoted to this subject, and yes, new gurus appear.


But…how did we actually get to this point ? Let’s try to clarify all this a bit in three simple points:


1.Internet 2.0 and bidirectional communication

During the last decades, we have moved from a passive way communication society by the brand, to an active partnership with two-way communication and ability to influence brands.

On this basis, with the 2.0 revolution, we don’t want to be entertained anymore, but now we want to participate in the fun and be part of it, interact. That phenomenon does not happen on other traditional mass media, but exclusively on the internet. And in this sense, its exponential maximum is the game.


2.The sector has matured and is the right time

The emergence of Web 2.0 is one of the main factors that has generated such a boom, and is also leading this movement of Gamification. However, bidi and willingness to create interactions are only the pillars where a hundred more reasons stand.

At this point, we can see events that promote the right time for the Advergaming is fashionable. For instance:

-Access to technology is becoming more premature time to the point that today all children have consoles at home.
-The first generation of children with consoles now 35-40 years old and still has a fondness for video games.
-The stages of adolescence and youth are increasingly lengthening.
-Virtual worlds give the possibility of momentary escape from reality to star in an adventure that otherwise could not live
-Mobile phones have come to almost the entire population addictive casual games
-Social games generate a healthy challenge between acquaintances

Ultimately, all this means that the gaming industry has surpassed by far in billing to the very film industry. .

3.The game, experiential communication tool

In this situation, it is normal that brands have had to enter the video game industry to get publicity, because after all it is the tool with the most potential to generate that experiential communication that is being asked by consumers. The benefits that brands are finding are varied depending on how the advertising is done,  but clearly it is a trend that is growing increasingly.