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We are Twisted Fingers, a game maker studio with an intensive international approach, based in three cities around the world: Berlin, Barcelona and Santiago de Chile. We are a team of videogame passionates and we design original and creative videogames for any plataform: Android, iOS, Desktop or Facebook.

Contact us to explain your idea and let’s build your very own world together!
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multiple platforms

Our developers work with Unity 3D, so we can develop your game for Android, iOS, Desktop (PC or MAC) or Facebook.

multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are played through online communities and have much more chance of going viral.

custom design

We can create your own world with your current branding or with completely new designs. Just let us know what you’re looking for – we love challenges!


Show off your brand worldwide with a simple, fun and addictive game. It’s an original way to reach more potential customers!

Mars Mutants

mars mutants

This is a crazy game where cats and other cool

characters have to kill mutants to survive. It’s still

a work in progress and will be our masterpiece.

pix fun rails

This is a pixelart game for Android. It’s very

addictive with simple gameplay.

We developed this game for Mulgoi.

Pix Fun Rails

shoot & drink

A drinking game for Android that simulates Russian roulette. Up to 12 people can play on a single mobile phone. It’s a lot of fun!

falling nightmare

Have you ever dreamed you fell into the void

and when you’re about to hit the ground you wake up?

This is Falling Nightmare. Log your best score!

Falling Nightmare

don’t be shy, say hi!

Do not hesitate to get in contact if you would like to request a new game development project or have any further questions. Our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your queries as soon as possible.